3-Pack Jack Performance Art Book Set

A delightfully dirty, bawdy, three-way book set!  For those of us who missed the live performances, we can now have it all! Get it!.

--Annie Sprinkle, performer and author of Post-Porn Modernist and Hardcore from the Heart: The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of Sex in Performance

Everything we’re supposed to hide, never to refer to, sits up naked and wags its tail in the joyful pages of these three interrelated books. In Three Pack Jack, acclaimed poet Steven Reigns summons and empowers an amazing variety of gay men before live LA audiences to talk about forbidden subjects. Defying societal shame—fighting even the internalized self-loathing we all of us suffer from to one degree or another—these brave, funny, fiery, guys men present and celebrate…

--Kevin Killian, author of Shy, Impossible Princess, Artic Summer

In an era when gay men increasingly strive for assimilation and normalcy, these artists shamelessly insist on their perverse erotics and subcultural difference. How thrilling to see a new generation of queer men who believe that radical sexual politics are at the core of gay liberation and who, even more audaciously, see the literary and performing arts as its primary cultural practice. This is a book immediately necessary for our times.

--David Roman, author of O Solo Homo, Acts of Intervention: Performance, Gay Culture, and AIDS, and Performance in America: Contemporary U.S. Culture and the Performing Arts


Full-color three-book set; bound with a fold-out poster of a vintage jockstrap advertisement.


Full-color three-book set; bound with a hand-sewn, sparkly jockstrap elastic band; one signed and numbered 11x13" three-color Risograph artist print based on Christopher Lung's original performance from The (W)hole Story.

3-PACK JACK is a titillating three-book set anthologizing a recent queer performance series curated and hosted by Steven Reigns. Delight in performance photos by Matt Baume alongside the monologues, scripts, and transcriptions from each event. Book Design & Production: Christopher Kardambikis | Darin Klein | Steven Reigns