S(t)even Years

Overview of the Project

Steven Reigns embarked on a 7-year endurance-performance based on Linda M. Montano's 14 YEARS OF LIVING ART 1984-1998, and in solidarity with Montano's ANOTHER 21 YEARS OF LIVING ART 1998-2019 on January 1,2007, in Los Angeles. S(t)even Years is guided by the seven energy centers of the body and is under the mentorship of Montano.

Each year Reigns will incorporate the Chakra's focus/color in the following:

  • In his writing practice
  • During meditation
  • Create an annual chapbook of his writings
  • Lead an annual free writing workshop
  • Wear one colored item of clothing each day to represent the year's chakra
  • Alter living space for each year

For more information on 14 YEARS OF LIVING ART: www.bobsart.org; also LETTERS FROM LINDA M MONTANO edited by Jennie Klein, Routledge 2005.
Why I'm Doing S(t)even Years

by Steven Reigns

Following in Montano's footsteps, I'm venturing into S(t)even Years to examine the connection between art, life, and spirituality. This self-imposed discipline will offer a structure and create a steadfast commitment to life, art and my spiritual growth—or my spiritual growth through my life and art. It is also a way to internally and externally infuse art into my everyday life. I will be 38 when the project ends and I look forward to growth and work that will be produced during that time.
About 7 YEARS OF LIVING ART + ANOTHER 7 YEARS OF LIVING ART = 14 YEARS OF LIVING ART December 8, 1984 - December 8, 1998

By Linda M. Montano, www.bobsart.org/montano/

7 YEARS OF LIVING ART is a time-based, endurance/performance which focuses the mind in a directed way so that art becomes a vehicle for meditation. Wearing one color of clothing each year that corresponds to the color of a specific Chakra (Hindu energy system), I was able to stay attentive to my intention. That is, to train the mind not to wander, shop around, or buy into the millions of distractions that impinge minute-to-minute.

This performance is actually an experience borrowed from Hindu theology which states that there are seven nerve plexuses, or nerve centers, on the spinal column which correspond to body parts, body areas, inner psychological qualities and subtle energies. In a Christian analysis by Caroline Myss, the Chakras and Seven Sacraments are linked, allowing for a dialogue between Yoga and Catholicism.

We all need a goal, an ideal, a job and I use art to give myself that. My goal is a compassionate mind, a silent mind.